Monday, February 11, 2013

The Best From Last Season

The Best of Purpose Pitch 2012

I've collected 10 of my best post from last year and listed them below.  Click on the title to go the article.

Every Tuesday I do Baseball Card Theater and also Baseball Card Friday.  I've include 2 of my favorites from each, before the countdown.


1. Who's that in my Card -

2. Jobs in the Off Season -


1. Larry Haney 

2. Bobby Valentine



10.  Lance Berkman is a Good Man - Jon Heyman is a squirrell,  March 22nd

Yeah, you heard me Lance.  You're a good man.  I'm sorry the Astros didn't pony up the money for you.  Did they even make an offer?  Anyway, good luck in Texas.

9. World Series San Fransisco vs Detroit: How they Match Up

Two of America's great cities battling it out in the World Series and my fool-proof way for picking the winner.

8. Jonathan Lucroy breaks his hand.

Good luck in the World Cup games, Mr. Lucroy.

 7. Umpire Blows a Call

A human made a mistake and people's minds are blown.

6.  23 Years To The Day

Father and sons.  It's what baseball is all about.

5.  Ozzie - Castro - Rosenthal

Everyone has an opinion.  Ozzie, myself, and the tool pictured above.

4. Roger Clemens is Hall-of -Fame Bound

My main man Roger Clemens is not guilty. 

3.  Skip Bayless is a Turd

I said some harsh things in this post.  I still think I let him off easy. 

2. I Love Mascots - 

Who doesn't love mascots?  I would have had a field day in this picture.

1. It's Lima Time

A tribute to a great man.