Friday, August 31, 2012

Smoky Burgess - 1963

Baseball Card Friday: Smoky Burgess 1963

1963 is one of my favorite years because you get a bonus photo at the bottom and today's card features a great player with a great name.

Smoky Burgess was one of the greatest pinch-hitters in baseball.  He held numerous pinch-hitter records many of which were broken by the great Manny Mota.   They say Smokey could sleep for eight innings, wake up, hit a frozen rope to right and be back alseep on the bench before it landed in the outfield.

 I've got a bunch of Smoky Burgess cards because he has a great name and in most cards he has a giant chaw in it.  

Smoky played for 18 seasons making 9 All-star teams and winning a ring with the pirates in 1960.  Today is the last day of August but I declare today is...


Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bryce Harper Hits 2 Home Runs then gets tossed

Washington National's Outfielder Bryce Harper

The Rookie Throws His Helmet

Rookie outfielder Bryce Harper had a big game last night.  The first multi-homer game of his career and his first ejection.

Why Bryce Harper Got Tossed

Mr. Harper was trying to avoid hitting to a double-play but the throw beat him by a full step.  It wasn't even close, and Bryce Harper threw his helmet down in frustration over his failure and not the call.  Throwing equipment usually ends up in a fine, but the umpire tossed him out of the game.

The Nationals are in first and fighting to stay that way and Mr. Harper was disappointed in his performance and got a raw deal.  I'm not sure why the umpire ejected him but if your known as an aggressive player people tend to over analyze your actions and keep you on a tighter leash.   But he still shouldn't have got tossed.  Here's what Bryce Harper had to say after the game.

''I shouldn't have done it, but I don't like hitting into double plays, 'I just need to stop getting mad and live with it. I just need to grow up in that mentality a little bit and try not to bash stuff in. I've always done it my whole life. Things need to change."

That said, he still hit 2 home runs in a game.  That's kind of hard.   And he's only 19.  Give him a chance to grow up.  I was a punk when I was 19.

 Bottom Line:

 I like Bryce Harper and think he's good for baseball.  He's no Mike Trout, but then again, who is.   

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Skip Bayless is a Turd

Reporter Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless Questions Whether Derek Jeter is using PEDs

Skip Bayless is a reporter who missed out on a character building beating as a child.  Yesterday on TV he questioned how a 38 year old Derek Jeter is having a great season.

"I am not saying he uses a thing, I have no idea. But within the confines of his sport, it is fair for all of us, in fact you are remiss, if you don't at least think about this."                                                                                      SKIP BAYLESS

Well, using that logic, I have to at least think about Skip Bayless' life.

Skip Bayless is a 60 year-old bachelor.  

Within the confines of the internet, it is fair for all of us to think that his computer is full of pornography, most likely child pornography.  I have no idea, but it's also fair for all of us to think a 60 year old bachelor might hang out in truck stop bathrooms for anonymous sex.

Skip Bayless isn't well-liked as a reporter

It's fair to think that Skip Bayless, an annoying ass, gets job after job because he has relatives in high places or he has blackmail information on his employers or has made threats against their family.  Or of course, as a 60 year old bachelor, he might be trading sexual favors for his job.

Skip Bayless was born in Oklahoma City, 

You have to consider that a relative of Mr. Bayless could have been involved in the bombing of the Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City.  You are remiss if you don't.

Derek Jeter didn't use Skip Bayless logic and took the high road when he heard about Skip Bayless' statement.

That's the unfortunate thing these days.  Anytime you bring this to light with guys that are doing things now, you have everybody questioning everything.  You can say whatever you want to say these days.  No repercussions."  DEREK JETER

I would have been angry if a suspected child pornographer and truck stop cum dumpster, who had ties to terrorist organizations, talked trash about me.   Especially knowing I could easily beat the shit of that loud mouth.    I guess Mr. Jeter is a better man than me.  That's why he's the captain. 
Have a great day!  Go the extra mile.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Tuesday and time for a new Baseball Card Theater

Baseball Card Theater: They Played For Them?

On today's baseball card theater we look at guys who played for teams you might not remember.  People use the example of Willie Mays playing on the Mets, but I decided against include Mr. Mays because I think a lot of people remember him as a Met... plus I don't have that card.    But I got a bunch of other cards so check it out. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Roger Clemens Looked Good Saturday Night

Roger Clemens photo by Pat Shannon  

Roger Clemens Looked Good Saturday Night

This is the gayest title I've had for a blog this year but I'm comfortable with that because future hall of famer Roger Clemens through 3 1/3 innings of shut out ball against the mighty Bluefish.

2 of my brothers went to the game and I'm happy to report that my brother Jimbo was the second Shannon ever at Constellation Park. 

Mr. Clemens topped out at 88 mph and that's good enough to pitch in the big leagues, especially if we're talking about the Astros.  Will we see him this year?  I think you can bet money on it.  Especially with the 40 man roster that could include his son.  And it could be the first sellout of the year for Minute Maid Park.  But what about next year.


Don't be surprised if he's player/manager next year for the American League Astros.  That would be a smart move for the Astros as well as Mr. Clemens.  

Pete Rose did it.  Frank Robinson did it.  Why not Roger Clemens?  The Astros are going to suck for another couple years and if you can't compete on the field why not limp through next year with an interesting sideshow.  How cool would it be to see him walk to the mound, pulls the pitcher and then starts throwing warm up pitches?


The Dodger's have new owners and they just made a giant trade to be competitive.  Turns out there's no rule that says you have to destroy a team when you buy it.  Didn't know if you guys knew that?

Root. Root. Root.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Baseball Card Friday: Jim Lemon and Ted Williams 1969


Baseball Card Friday: Jim Lemon and Ted Williams : Senators Manager

Teams only have one manager, but in 1969 Topps they have 2 cards for the skipper of the Washington Senators.  First up, Jim Lemon.  A former outfielder for the Senators, Mr. Lemon was the manager in 1968 for the Senators, but guess what happened?

I love the back of his card.  First the exclamation point after the fun fact of him getting fired is funny and then check out the little cartoon drawing.

Mr. Lemon is carrying a suitcase and has sweat popping off of him like a R. Crumb drawing.  Can't get much better that that.

The other card features baseball hitting legend and war hero Ted Williams.  Ted doesn't look to happy in his picture.  It's like someone told him about the Jim Lemon card.
And on the back of Ted's card...
He looks even more pissed off about this two manager bit.  Or maybe he's still mad that he batted .406 in 1941 and they gave the American League MVP award that year to Joe Dimagio who batted .357, with 7 less homeruns and only 5 more RBI then Ted Williams.

Both of these cards are feature in an old Baseball Card Theater about 1969, if you have a free minute it's worth seeing or revisiting.

Have a good weekend and proclaim your rarity!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Roger Clemens is back on the mound

Roger Clemens:  One of the Greatest Pitchers Ever


The Rocket is back!!!  Roger Clemens is schedule to pitch this weekend outside of Houston for the Sugarland Skeeters. The Skeeters are part of an independent league and managed by former major league third baseman, Gary Giaetti.

First, before any speculation of Roger Clemens pitching for the Astros in September lets just think for a second and appreciate how cool this is.

Clemens is 50 and he's playing in an 8 team independent league.  They're playing the Bridgeport Bluefish and those guys get to face one of the best in the history of the game.  That's super cool.
My brother just moved to Sugarland and might go to the game.  Again, super cool.

These independent league are full of former players trying to make comebacks or hone their coaching skills.  My buddy is part owner of the Orange County Flyers and the first year their manager was Hall of Famer Gary Carter and the next year former Astro Phil Nevin managed the Flyers. 
Phil Nevin

Phil Nevin's the guy the Astros drafted instead of Derek Jeter.  Really?  There were Astros scouts telling them to take Derek Jeter but once again my beloved Astros screwed the pooch.  Man, the Astros have never had a good shortstop.  Not only is Derek Jeter one of the best players ever, he was also a great host on SNL.   

Anyway, back to Roger Clemens, my point is the independent league is the real deal and has quality players trying to get to the major leagues.  Rickey Henderson and Jose Canseco played in this league during comebacks.   So Mr. Clemens is not just going to skate by.  Now let's start speculating...


Mr. Clemens could make some money and put his vote for the Hall of Fame off for another five years.  Sadly, even though he was proven innocent in a court of law, a handful of people still think Roger Clemens took steroids. 

Five years from now people's attitude could change towards players who took PEDs.  Plus if he wins a game at the age of 50 that puts him up there with Satchel Paige as old guys who still can get the job done.

The bad thing about a comeback is the Astros suck.  So Mr. Clemens probably wouldn't get a win and he could end up looking worse than Brett Farve did on his last comeback attempt.  You know his critics are sharpening their knives praying for that to happen.

I think it would be amazing to watch Roger Clemens pitch in the majors and it would give people a reason to watch the Astros in September.   Plus the 'stros could benefit from some news that doesn't deal with the fact that they have become the Washington Generals of baseball.  
Root.  Root.  Root.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bartolo Colon Test Positive for PEDs

Bartolo Colon Test Positive for Drugs

Bartolo Colon Gets 50 Game Suspension

My man Bartolo Colon of Oakland tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone, the second player in 8 days to be suspended for cheating.  Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants was suspended earlier.  Seems like that Congressional Hearing and all the perjury trials have cleared up the performance enhancing drug problem in the Bay Area. Way to go Major League Baseball and the U.S. Congress.  Mission Accomplished.  Come on out of the dugout for a curtain call

Now lets get to Bartolo Colon.  That guy is on steroids?   They should have given him a pregnancy test.  That blows yesterdays Baseball Card Theater on the Non-Steroid team.  Mr. Colon is a big fat guy.  Elevated levels of cholesterol, yes, but testosterone?  They shoot cattle with steroids right.  Bartolo Colon should tell people he ate a whole cow that was on steroids and that's why he tested positive.   The only other excuse I have to justify elevated testosterone I don't think Mr. Colon would want to use.  Especially with that last name.

Just goes to show you, you can never tell who's on the juice.

Do you think they even test the Astros for PEDs?  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baseball Card Theater takes on the steroid era

Ken Caminiti no like baseball bat that miss ball.


Melky Cabrera got busted for taking performance enhancing drugs and Ryan Braun tested positive but somehow got out of it.  You never can tell who's juicing today.

That's why I'm proud to salute the non-steroid team.  Back when men were men and lived by a code.  Also they didn't have steroids readily available.

So say hello to the non-steroid team...

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Brad Mills Era Has Ended

Brad Mills is shown the door

Brad Mills has left the Stadium

So it turns out the Astros did have a manager during this embarrassing season.  It was Brad Mills, but now he's done.  They 86'd Brad Mills Saturday but he won't be walking away empty handed, tell him what he's won...

The Only Houston Manager to manage a team that lost over 100 games. 

Now does he get credit for this years 100 lost season?  Is it like a pitcher once he leaves the game does he get the lost.   It seems like he should, which would make his record of back to back seasons of 100 loses hard to beat.

Was Brad Mills the Problem?

I would say no, but he wasn't the solution.  Never got a read on him for the 2 1/2 season's he coached the Astros.  Hard to tell what a manager does and I had no idea what Brad Mills was doing and I never got a read on his managing style. The Astros also canned the first base coach and the hitting instructor. 

G.M. Jeff Luhnow?

Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow replaced the coaching staff with all his old cronies from St. Louis.  I remember we had a G.M. once that mainly made deals with his old team, the Phillies.  I think his name was Ed Wade.  I don't remember that working out.  Oh yeah, we had another guy who did it before him, Gerry Hunsicker who seemed to only make deals with the Mets.  Don't remember that working either.  Hopefully it will work this time.  Right?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Baseball Card Friday: Boog Powell 1970



He was born in Lakeland, Florida.  They say he weighed 22 pounds.  He grew up to be the first baseman for the Baltimore Orioles...  I'm talking about Boog Powell.

In 1969, Boog Powell was runner up to Harmon Killebrew in MVP honors, but then in 1970 he won the American League Most Valuable Player.  He also won his second World Series ring that year.

Here's the back of the card that was released in Canada so the fun fact is also presented in French.

Boog Powell is possibly my favorite baseball player of all time.  He's got one of the greatest names ever and when I was a kid he came to Finger's Furniture in Houston and signed autographs and I remember him being cool when I met him.

When Boog left baseball he was the first player to open a Bar-b-que restaurant inside a ballpark.  If you go see a game at Camden Yards, stop by get a pulled pork sandwich and get your picture taken with Boog Powell.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baseball: Perfect yet Flawed

Baseball has a Roller-Coaster Wednesday


Felix Hernandez threw a perfect game for the Seattle Mariners yesterday.  I knew they weren't playing the Houston Astros, so my first thought if it was a Mariners pitcher, it was probably an inter-squad game.  But no, King Felix shut down Evan Longoria and the Tampa Bay Rays. 
It was only the 22nd perfect game in Baseball history.

2012 ALL-STAR MVP Melky Cabrera


Melky Cabrera tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone and given a 50 game suspension.  My first thought was that he was hanging out with Rod Stewart, David Bowie or whoever else was linked to getting his stomach pumped, but it turns out he was using performance enhancing drugs.

Melky was having a great year and was the most valuable player in this year's All-Star game in Kansas City.  Man, those PED's really work.  No wonder people take them.

Melky Cabrera cheated and helped win the All-Star game which determines home field advantage.  That's got to tick off people in the American League.  I wouldn't shake that dude's hand either. 

Which brings us back to why does the All-Star game count?   What jack-ass made that decision?

Anyway, Mr. Cabrera is gone for the rest of the season with the Giants in a pennant race.  San Francisco still has good pitching but this suspension could derail their chance at the playoffs.

Baseball can be perfect and flawed in the same day.  I love me some baseball.
Have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bobby Valentine vs The Red Sox Players

Manager Bobby Valentine

Manager of the Red Sox and confirmed squirrel,  Bobby Valentine...

Over half the Red Sox players...


Turns out last time the Red Sox were in New York, 2/3 of the players had a secret meeting with the owner about Mr. Valentine among other things.  Now that the secret meeting has become public knowledge and things are awkward in Bean Town. 

Who am I betting on?

I'd like to give Bobby Valentine a puncher's chance but the Red Sox would have to win the world series and I don't think that's gonna happen.  They have a lot of money invested in Pedoria and Gonzales so I don't think Mr. Valentine has any leverage.  He might last the entire season, but once we go to the judge's card, he's done. 

This isn't even a good bout, which brings us to the real problem, who set this fight up?

Oh I remember.  It was the owners who hired Bobby Valentine in the first place.

Red Sox 2011 Collapse  +  Discipline problems in the club House    Bobby Valentine

I'm going to need you to show your work because I never understood the logic behind this.  Don't get me wrong, I think it was wonderful that Mr. Valentine left Sunday Night Baseball because I found him annoying, but it seemed like a bone-head idea to have him manage Boston.

I could see a hard ass like Larry Bowa but Mr. Valentine just seems like a guy who likes to be the focus of things and I don't think the Red Sox needed that type of manager.  Again, I'm a comedy writer but even I knew this wasn't a good move.  But hey, it's not my team or my millions and millions of dollars being spent.

Good luck next year Boston with Lou Pinieilla.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who's that in my Card 2

Baseball Card Theater: Who's That in my Card # 2.

When I go out to my garage to hide from my wife I sit and look at cards.  I always dig figuring out who's in people's cards.  Last weeks episode Who's That in My Card got a big response, I even heard from a U.S. Attorney who loved it.  So I present part 2 of a 4 part series that answers the question, Who's That In My Card.  By the way, in Jack Hiatt's picture, number 20 is Bernie Williams. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Stephen Strasburg Inning Count

Mr. Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg had Tommy John surgery last season so the Washington Nationals have put their ace on an inning count, which would shut him down in early September.  That's a big problem since the Nationals have the best record in baseball and are primed to win the National League East.

How the Inning Count Works?

They add up all the innings he pitches and that's equals the inning count.  Still don't know how to figure out slugging percentage, but I figured out inning count.   

What is the Cut Off Inning Number? 

Some have it at 160 inning, some at 180.  So I can't help figure that out.  You hear it's set in stone, then you hear there's wiggle room.  So that's up to Mike Rizzo, the guy who runs the Nationals. 

Now the big question...


I live on the other side of the States so I can't make a judgement, why don't you ask Stephen Strasburg.  If he feels good, let him pitch.  Don't just settle on some random number, talk to the player and take your shot at the playoff. 

If you want to shut Mr. Strasburg down, do it in September and let him throw in the post season.  It would be good to get him playoff experience, that will help in the future, but there's no guarantees for next year.   You have to win when you can.  Which is now!

To quote Bill Hicks.  "There is no tomorrow.  There is only right now!"

Friday, August 10, 2012

Baseball Card Friday: Bob Watson 1975

Baseball Card Friday: Bob Watson 1975


Kids love 3-D.  I don't know that to be true, but Hollywood believes it so I believe.

I never got to eat sugar cereal when I was a kid because my parents figured out that crap was bad for you before Sugar Bear changed his name to Super Bear.  So if they didn't come in Corn Flakes I didn't get many 3-d cards when I was young, but I always got a few and this was one of my favorites.

It's Bob Watson.  The Bull.  He started out as a catcher, got moved to the outfield, then when the Astros got rid of Lee May, he got moved to first.  My favorite part of the card is that it was taken inside the Astrodome.  Other than Astros team photos I don't know many cards inside the dome.  I also love he's got a chew in and is rocking glasses.
   I love the picture of Bob on the back of the card.  It's a bad drawing of the picture on the front.

Interesting Facts about Bob Watson.

Bob Watson scored the 1,000,000 run in baseball. 

Bob Watson hit for the cycle in both the American and National League.

In 1974 Bob Watson ran into the wall at Wrigley and while he laid unconscious bleacher bums poured beer on him.   I heard it might have happened in Cincinnati not Chicago.  I'll ask Bob next time I see him.

Bob Watson was the hitting coach for the Oakland A's in 1988 when they won the World Series.

Now Mr. Watson is the Vice President of On-Field Rules and Discipline and Paperwork for Major League Baseball.

So there you have it.  Bob Watson Friday.  Go out and make it a good one.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It was 23 years to the day...

Steve Johnson made his first major league start yesterday (Aug. 8, 2012) against the Seattle Mariners.  Mr. Johnson pitched six strong innings, striking out 9 and getting his first win in the big leagues.

The kid looked sharp in his debut as a starter but the coolest thing his victory comes 23 years to the day that his father Dave Johnson won his first game in the majors.
Yep, Steve Johnson did his old man proud.

It makes me think about me and my father.  My father worked at NASA and he put a man on the moon.  So I wanted to figure out what I was doing 23 years to the day that Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon.  Checked my journal from July 20, 1992...  turns out I got high and went and saw the Bad Lieutenant.

23 years to the day you helped make a giant leap for mankind, I was baked looking at Harvey Keitel's mouse with no ears.   I hope I made you proud dad.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chris Johnson vs The Astros

Chris Johnson gets a high five from Justin Upton after a 3 run home run.


In 8 games with the Diamondbacks, Chris Johnson's has 5 home runs and 15 RBI.

In the last 7 games the entire Astros team have 7 home runs with 16 RBI.


Dear Astros,
Can I get a look at the blueprints you have for this rebuilding project?   And how long will it take again? 
                                                                       T. Sean - life long fan
p.s. I don't know if you got a guy managing the team but I'm willing to do it.  Can't do worse.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Baseball Card Theater - Who's that in my Card

Baseball Card Theater - Who's that in my card?

In this episode I break down all the people hanging out in other peoples cards.  Enjoy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Announcers:The Bald Guy, Terry Francona, Orel Hershiser

St. Louis vs Milwaukee???

That's the best game you have for us?  The Brewers were out of it a month ago, can't you re-arrange games?  The Pirates and the Reds are battling it out for first place you can't move that game. 
White Sox vs Angels is not a game I'm dying to see, but still more relevant than Cards - Brewers.
You need Sunday Night Football power and get to call the game you want. 

As for the announcers, this is the first crew I've enjoyed since Joe Morgan and Jon Miller called the games alone.  Terry Francona brings the knowledge of a lifer and is comfortable being himself.  I've always liked Orel Hershiser as an announcer, and they bald guy is good.  I didn't realize how good until a week ago when some other stiff shirt with hair sat in for him.  Dude, I'm gonna learn the bald guys name because he's good at keeping things moving and getting business out of the way.

I still don't understand all the hate thrown towards Joe Morgan.  I thought he and Jon Miller were great together.  Always liked Joe because he was an Astro and I dug him as an announcer.  I've read quotes of things he said on hater websites but none of them offended me or annoyed me.

Before they gave Jon and Joe the eighty-six, they added Steve somebody.  Don't have any quotes he said just didn't like him and didn't think he added anything.   Then they added Orel, who I thought brought the pitcher's perspective.  Then Mr. Morgan and Mr. Miller were shown the door.

Then the bald guy, I want to say his name is Jim or John,  I think it begins with a J, anyway, that guy and Bobby Valentine joined Orel in the booth.  Usually I like former managers.  Lou Pinniella is amazing to listen to.  Buck Showalter would steal signs from the booth, "yep, they're throwing a pitch out".  Bobby Valentine, I just thought, this guy is annoying.  Again, I don't have any quotes because I wasn't looking to convict him of anything, just didn't like the guy.  Don't like Mr. Valentine as a manager much either. 

I looked it up, the bald guy is Dan Shulman.  I also found out he's Canadian.   Hmm. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Baseball Card Friday - Jerry Turner

Baseball Card Friday - Jerry Turner,  San Diego Padres 1979

This card makes me smile every time I see it.  It's the perfect uniform-hair-do combination.   Just from the picture I bet he was the funniest guy in the back of the plane during road trips.

Don't know that much about Mr. Turner.  He looks like a big guy but was surprised to find out he's listed at 5'9, 180.

I have a bunch of his cards.  He had 2 different rookie cards.

One in 75 and another in 76.

I don't know who hold the record for most rookie cards but I know Lou Piniella had 3 rookie cards

He played for the Padres, White Sox and Tigers.  I bet he would have looked cool in an Expos uniform.

Have a great weekend.  Proclaim your rarity.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Astos Surrender

Here come the Astros

The Astros Surrender

The Astros are 3 - 28 in their last 31 Games.  I don't like to kick a dog when it's down, but I'm kicking it to see if it's still alive.

Again, I've read the news release we are rebuilding.  I understand we are rebuilding but could you be more specific.  What are we rebuilding?

That means getting rid of veterans like Carlos Lee and Wandy Rodriquez. 

Now why did we trade away Chris Johnson?  He was just coming into his own.  His second year and he's just starting to get comfortable and we sent him to Arizona.   I'm happy for Mr. Johnson, he's playing for a winner in manager Kirk Gibson and I expect him to go on and be an All-Star in three years time.  Isn't that the year I heard we were going to be competitive?

They've gutted the team and got rid of over half of their opening day payroll. 

Man,  Jim Crane payed over $600 million to buy the Astros.  Looks like he got himself a lemon.

Here's how you take lemons and make Lemon Coconut Thai-Inspired Pasta.

You guys are going to lose more than a 100 games and it looks like the players are happily going along for the ride.  But what about the fans?

Let us board the runaway train to a new franchise losing record and put some money in your pocket.

FAN GETS TO PINCH RUN - Each home game a lucky ticket holder will be chosen to pinch run if an Astro player gets on base after the 6th inning.

WHITE FLAG GIVEAWAY - Each fan is given a white flag and when a game last over 2 hours, if all 3,000 fans wave the flags at the same time, the game is called and the fans are free to go.

$15,000 PINCH HITTER GIVEAWAY - Any fan with 15 grand can pinch hit during any road game.  We lose all the road games anyway, but it would be cool to see someone at bat besides Jose Altuve who approaches the chance to hit like it was his last.    Since I came up with the idea I don't have to pay the 15 grand.

3-28.  How can you lose that many games?  Are they really that bad.  The car is sliding off the side of the cliff and the organization doesn't seem bothered by it.  The Astros need to turn into the slide and let the fans join in with the fun they are having, because when I watch Baseball Tonight, I'm embarrassed, and I'm not even on the team. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Trade Deadline: Who Ended Up Where?

Texas Ranger Ryan Dempster

Texas gets Ryan Dempster from the Chicago Cubs

The Rangers add an arm to their starting rotation which means Roy Oswalt is getting sent to the bullpen, which is a bummer for me because I love Country Roy.  Mr. Oswalt's a great pitcher and can get you out of there in under 2 hours.

Cincinnati gets Jonathon Broxton from Kansas City

Red's newest pitcher Jonathon Broxton

Another arm for the Red's bullpen.

The Reds already have a closer who throws in triple digits, now they have a guy in the 8th who can throw in the high 90's.  Reds have one of the best bullpen in baseball and it just became a bigger nightmare for opponents.


The Phillies are slashing prizes and dismantling the team.  Didn't know it was that bad in Philadelphia.   But Phillie fans are a very understanding bunch so I'm sure everyone in the city of Brotherly Love is okay with it.  First they sent Hunter Pence to San Francisco.  Great pick up for the Giants and Mr. Pence should fit in perfect there.

But the Phillies wanted to keep things even in the National League West so they sent Shane Victorino to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Shane Victorino will be a nice addition to the Dodger outfield of Matt Kemp and Andre Either.  He also seems like a hip guy who will fit in with the L.A. scene.  And lastly, Philadelphia in an effort to save money they traded the Phillie Phanatic to the Texas Rangers
Luckily, the Phanatic is a veteran and was able to nix the trade.

The big trades are over and we'll see who it helps.  A little surprised the Washington National didn't make a move but maybe they don't need it.

Have a great Wednesday.