Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baseball Card Theater - Dude's balls

Bobby Etheridge of the 1970 Giants.


Today's episode looks at one of my favorite poses in baseball cards;  People holding or showing the baseball.  Always kind of a cool pose.  So sit back, relax and check out dude's balls.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Trade Deadline: What team will get which Josh?

Josh Beckett

Josh Beckett

Boston wants to get rid of Mr. Beckett and get something in return.  Look for him to get traded to CINCINNATI REDS.  Yeah, you heard me.  The Big Red Machine.  If you can bet on this in Vegas take out a second mortgage on your parent's house and bet it all.

Josh Johnson

There were more scouts in the stands yesterday for Josh Johnson start then there were fans.   Josh Johnson is on the move and if I was him I would go to the airport and buy a ticket to Los Angeles because he will be a DODGER by midnight tomorrow.  And finally...

Josh Charles

He's put up great numbers for The Good Wife and it looks like he's getting sent over to GAME OF THRONES.  They think he'll be a good fit behind Peter Dinklage in the batting order.

You can doubt my trade prediction, but remember I was the guy who knew David Ortiz was going to hit for the cycle in the All Star game.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Baseball Card Friday: Wade Blasingame

Baseball Card Friday


Not the Attorney at Law, the baseball player.

Loved this card as a kid.  He's got a great name, he's a southpaw, he's got sideburns, he's standing next to an airplane hanger and best of all he plays for the Astros.  Wade Blasingame was a pitcher for the Braves, Astros and Yankees.  Mr. Blasingame is mentioned in Jim Bouton's book Ball Four as the best dressed guy on the Astros in 1969.
 I love the 1971 cards because you got a bonus picture on the back.  Since they only showed you the previous year and life time stats it's one of the few cards that I can still read the back of without my cheaters. 

When I was at SNL I always used baseball players names in sketches.  I wrote a commercial parody called Wade Blasingame where Will Ferrell plays an attorney.

The week after it aired Wade Blasingame called the show and invited me up to his place in Fresno to go fishing.  We hung out and he told me stories about his playing days.  Actually, I never heard from him, but it would have been cool to go fishing with Wade Blasingame, the ball player.   

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Ballad of Josh Wall

The Ballad of Josh Wall

This should be sung to the tune of the Ballad of the Green Beret


Okay, I'm not good at rhyming.  But man, Josh Wall is a good name for a song.  Okay forget the ballad,  I'll just tell you what happened.

Chad Billingsley went on the 15 day DL and they brought up minor league pitcher Josh Wall.  He sat in the bullpen for eight days and didn't get a chance to make his major league debut. 

Sunday against the Mets was Mr. Wall's last game before being sent back down to make room for Chad Billingsley, 9 innings came and went and he still hadn't got to play.   But luckily the game went into extra innings.

In the 11th inning Josh Wall pitched a scoreless inning and in the 12th, the Dodgers took the lead and Josh Wall earned a win in his very first major league appearance.

He was sent back down to the Dodger's triple A club the next day.

I bet that was one of the best plane rides a player ever had who was getting sent back down to Albuquerque.

I declare today Josh Wall day.  I'm sure I'll be seeing more of him in LA this year. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Astros are Rebuilding

The Astrodome 1964

The Astros are Rebuilding

I understand rebuilding takes time, so I lowered expectations when construction started over 2 years ago when we gave away Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman.  Here's the thing, I don't see a lot of working going on.

I feel like I hired a contractor in 2010, he tore up my floor and I haven't seen him since.  Can't get him on the phone, he won't return my calls and I'm stuck with a hot mess.  All his out going messages says is "Root root root".  Didn't like it the first time I heard, and it gets more annoying with each listen.  I think it's a subliminal message to sell more beer. 

I am happy for all the x-Astros like Wandy Rodriquez, Hunter Pence, Carlos Lee, Michael Bourn who at least have a shot at the playoffs.

Good luck to x-Phillies Brett Myers and J.A.Happ.   No ill will towards those gentlemen, but it's good to get the last of the Ed Wade stink off of us. 

Now let's deal with the present...

Attention Anyone Still in the Astros Dugout:  

Lunch break is over.  Get your head in the game.  Don't be happy just to have a gig, actually go out there and win some games.

Out of 51 road games they have 10 wins.  What?  What are you guys doing on the road?  When I  went on the road in my 20's, I drank and partied, but I was doing stand-up so it helped.  If your job involves physical activity I don't think it helps to booze it up.  Okay it might help strippers, but not ball players.

The only guy I see doing anything is Jose Altuve.  Smallest guy here and he works harder than anybody else.  This guy represents what this team could be.  Someone who does more than is expected of them.   And I'm not expecting much.  Just don't lose 100 games. 

Again, I know we are rebuilding, but come on. 

The Brad Mills experience.  I'm not around the clubhouse, much less the city of Houston, but from where I sit I don't see it working. 

Looking at their present record 34 - 64, thirty games under 500, the Astros are on pace to go 68 - 128.  Okay, that adds up to 194 games, but my point is the Astros suck and they seem comfortable losing.  Bad mind set to get into and even a harder one to get out of.  

If the Astros Give Up  -  I Give Up. 



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baseball Card Theater - Checklist

1969 Topps Checklist featuring Mickey Mantle

Today on Baseball Card Theater we are checking out Checklist.  

Enjoy and have a great day. 

T. Sean

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ron Santo inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame

Hall of Famer Ron Santo  


I don't know what Reggie Jackson thinks, but I think Ron Santo belongs in the Hall of Fame.  Ron Santo was inducted Sunday along with Red's legend, Barry Larkin.

Now the big question, what happened in the last two years that made the Veterans Committee finally pull the trigger and elect Ron Santo?

Sadly, Mr. Santo passed away in December 2010 so he never knew he was voted in.

I love that Ron Santo is in the Hall of Fame.  But it took too long.

Just seems like turds keeping a good man out of a cool club...   

Friday, July 20, 2012

Reggie Jackson - Talks the Hall of Fame

Baseball Card Friday: Reggie Jackson: A's 1970 Topps Super

Today I feature a 1970 Topps Super card of my main man Reggie Jackson.   These were over-sized thick cardboard cards.  I love these cards as a kid because they featured different pictures than the regular sized cards.  I also love me some Reggie Jackson.


Growing up in a National League city I only saw him play in All-Star and Playoff games and Reggie Jackson never failed to impress.  In a recent Sports Illustrated article Reggie named players he thought didn't belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I didn't see Kirby Puckett as a Hall of Famer.  I didn't see Gary Carter as a Hall of Famer.  I didn't see Don Sutton as a Hall of Famer.  I didn't see Phil Niekro as a Hall of Famer?  As much as I like Jim Rice, I'm not sure he's a Hall of Famer.  (What about Bert Blyleven?) No, No, no, no, no. Blyleven wasn't even the dominant pitcher of his era-it was Jack Morris.
First, I love he brought up my man Jack Morris.  Jack Morris deserves to be in the Hall of Famer.
I'm pretty sure that's what Mr. Jackson was saying.  Right?  That's what I heard.

Look, I think the players he named should be in the Hall of Fame but I think I understand what he means... He's Reggie Jackson.

He's one of the greatest players ever to play the game.  He can't understand why those guys deserve to be in the Hall of Fame because he's judging them against himself.  He's REGGIE JACKSON.  Mr. October.  He was really, really good.  In big games he was a money ball player.   He won the World Series MVP twice.  He has 5 World Series championships.  During an All-Star game he hit a home run out of Tiger Stadium.

All I'm saying is he Reggie Jackson.  Give him room.   Now back to his Super Card...

The other great thing about Topps Super Cards is I think this is the first time I truly appreciated the back of the card.  Also check out the cartoon.  Reggie had ten RBI's in one game.  That's hard.

Have a great weekend.   The Astros are in Arizona this weekend.  I predict a sweep...  actually I think the Astros might actually win one.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bryce Harper, The Bat and Ozzie Guillen

Miami Manager Ozzie Guillen

Bryce Harper Sends Ozzie an Autographed Bat

A bat covered in pine tar and signed "To my hero, Ozzie, Love Ya, Bryce Harper", was mailed to Ozzie Guillen, 2 days after a brush up between the 2 gentlemen.

Bryce Harper's an idiot to send Ozzie a signed bat, so I was happy to find out he didn't.

Adam La Roche asked Bryce Harper to sign a bat, then added the inscription to Ozzie.   Good old fashioned ball busting.  Ozzie got a big kick out of it.
"It was funny.  I've got a few friends on their side.  All those guys were making fun of me.  I found out later they made the kid sign the bat.  They put the rest."
This bat incident is the gift that keeps giving.

Also realized another layer to the onion between Miami and Washington.  Ozzie was making a big deal about pine tar on the bat to stick it to Washington's Manager Dave Johnson for being a squirrel and making the umpire check Tampa's reliever's glove for pine tar.  It was a low rent move on Mr. Johnson's part so Ozzie was busting Davey's balls too. 

Hot damn, I love baseball.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mark Appel - Draft Dodger

Stanford Pitching Phenom Mark Appel

Draft Dodger?

Mark Appel was the only unsigned player among the 31 first-round picks in this year's MLB draft.  There's a whole bunch of new rules because of the collective bargaining agreement and there's a limit on how much you can pay a 1st round draft choice.  There is a luxury tax and the Pirates offered 3.8 million dollars, which is over the limit, but as much as they could without having to give up draft picks.

Pirates general manager Neal Huntington said:

We drafted Mark Appel to sign Mark Appel.  We were excited about the opportunity to add him to a plethora of quality, young arms.  It didn't happen,  So now we turn the corner.  This, too, shall pass.  We move forward."
The Pirates will get an extra first-round pick in next June's draft because Mr. Appel didn't sign.

Here's what Mr. Appel had to say:
After much thought, prayer and analysis of both opportunities, I came to the conclusion the best decision is to remain at Stanford continuing my studies, finishing my degree and doing all I can to assist the Cardinal baseball team in our goal to win a national championship.  I greatly valued the prospect of a professional opportunity and I will pursue a professional baseball career after getting my Stanford degree.
Yep, sounds exactly like most 20 year-old guy's talk.  You can't argue with a guy who speaks from the heart like Mr. Appeal did.  Heck, he even prayed about it.  Can't ask more than that.  I wonder who represented this young man in his negotiations...

I just looked it up, you're not going to believe this, but some guy name Scott Boras is his agent.  Hmm...   If I didn't read your off the cuff remarks Mr. Appel, I might think you had no intention of signing this year unless a ball club made a ridiculous and self-destructive offer.  But again, you prayed about it, so I guess you were listening to a higher power.  That's who told you not to sign.  Hmm...

I don't wish bad on anyone, and I might be paraphrasing here, but there's an old saying:  "If you lay down with turds, you're gonna get covered in shit."  Good luck, Mr. Appel.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baseball Card Theater: The Dark Knight Rises sneak preview

The Guy from the Road Warrior fights the Dark Knight

Baseball Card Theater - Batman Villains

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises opens this week, so I give you the second installment of Batman Villains.  If you missed Batman Villains 1 it's worth checking out.

I misspelled villain in the title but I don't want to go back and change it, then upload it again so enjoy the Film Flab.

Have a great Tuesday and go the extra mile today. 


Monday, July 16, 2012

Bryce Harper vs Ozzie Guillen

Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen
Washington National's Rookie Bryce Harper



If I knew how to get these pictures side by side it would look like they were staring at each other but I couldn't figure it out.  


Bryce Harper vs Ozzie Guillen

Washington shuts out Miami 4-0

In the fourth inning of yesterday's game as rookie phenom Bryce Harper came to bat, Miami Marlin's Manager Ozzie Guillen jumped out of the dugout screaming.  Mr. Guillen complained to the ump about the amount of tar on the bat.  Bryce Harper got a new bat but the Miami manager contained yelling and even picked up a bat and started mocking how Mr. Harper held his bat.  Ozzie wanted to get in this rookie's head and he did.  In that at bat, Mr. Harper grounded out weakly to second base.

You can't blame Bryce Harper.  He's 19 and all of a sudden some old guy is screaming at him.  It messes with your mind at that age because when a grown up starts yelling at you, it catches you off guard.  You think maybe you did something wrong because he's an adult.  It destroys your focus. 

Bryce Harper regained focus later in the game and made a great catch in foul territory for the final out of the the Nationals victory over Miami. 

Here's what Bryce Harper had to say about Ozzie Guillen after the game.
“He battles for his team, and that’s the type of manager Ozzie is,” Harper said. “He’s a great manager to play for. He’s going to battle for you, no matter what. That’s a manager you want to play for.”
This kid is good.  And he won't fall for Mr. Guillen's jedi mind trick next time. 
He's going to file this away and use it as fuel against Ozzie, which I can't wait to see.  Plus, in a few years Mr. Harper is going to rattle a rookie's cage to throw him off his game.

That old man taught the kid a lesson on Sunday.  And it sounds like the Bryce Harper learned it.

Hot Damn!  I love baseball.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Baseball Card Friday: Royals Mascot Slugger: 2012

Baseball Card Friday: K.C. Mascot Slugger: 2012

All eyes were on Kansas City for this week's All-Star game, so today I feature Slugger.   Readers of this blog have it seared in their brains that I Love Mascots.  And I hate to say it, but this is a crappy card of Slugger.  If someone showed you this picture and asked you what animals is this?   I don't think people would immediately say "LION!"  In this photo he looks like a sea monkey.

Trust me.  No one wants to look like a sea monkey.  It brings up bad feelings from childhood.  I'm still mad about getting ripped off as a kid.  The Sea Monkey didn't look like tiny fish people having a camp out, it was just some nondescript type of fungi swimming around. 

I've been to Kansas City and saw Slugger in person.  He's much cooler than his baseball card.

Here he is hitting on a girl with a gun.   He's got a funny tail in back.   This guy has game.  Again, not the best angle on his head but I wasn't hired to take a picture of him for his baseball card.

                                   Look at him.  Slugger is patriotic and a friend to the kids.  

Sadly, the more I stare at these pictures the more I notice that's a cheap looking head.  It's not as noticeable in person.  Maybe I was distracted by his tail "boner".  You know that guy has worn the tail in the front of his pants...  and I'll bet you three grand and my left nut that it got a huge laugh.

Anyway.  Slugger's card is from 2012 Topps Opening Day Series and I think they could have done better for the king of the jungle.

I'm telling you, Slugger looks much cooler in person.  I wasn't the only one there.  Super Fan Pat Shannon was there and he thought Slugger was pretty funny.

Here's Pat becoming the 2nd Shannon ever at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baseball Card Theater: LeMaster of Cards

To kick off the second half of the Baseball season, I present an extra Baseball Card Theater this week with the greatest song ever written that mentions both Mookie Wilson and Cliff Johnson.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All-Star Game Recap

Cesar Cedeno, Hank Aaron, and Billy Williams

The National League shut out the American League 8 - 0.  So much for a pitchers duel. 

A recap of the 2012 MLB All-Star game. 

MVP:  Melky Cabrera.  He used to play for the Royal, so the Kansas City crowd loved to see Mr. Cabrera win the award.

BEST PITCH OF THE GAME: Justin Verlander striking out Joey Votto on a curve ball in the first inning.  Mr. Votto started walking back to the dugout before the umpire even called it a strike.

ERROR OF THE GAME:  Manager Tony La Russa being a Dickey and not starting R. A. Dickey.  But in Mr. La Russa defense, he didn't get a DUI after the game like he did in Spring Training of '07.

PLAY OF THE GAME: Bryce Harper losing the ball in the lights.  This will be the most frequently shown clip from the 2012 All-Star game because the media seems to focus on the negative.  They won’t show him tagging up from 1st on a long fly ball to left, which was heads up baseball, they’ll show him making a mistake.  But I’m sure Bryce Harper knows that haters comes with being in the spotlight. 

SHORTEST GUY IN THE N.L. DUGOUT:  Fox Reporter Ken Rosenthal.  I want to say it was Jose Altuve but at 5’5 he towers over Mr. Rosenthal.

WHO’S THAT?  Saw some people I didn’t know about.  Jim Johnson from the Baltimore Orioles.  I’m gonna keep my eye on that guy, I liked what I saw. 
Also was that a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like behind the plate?  I hope some rich fat cat hired an escort and made her dress like that, but there’s probably a more boring explanation.

COOLEST PLAYER:  Come on, it’s Derek Jeter.  Wherever he is, he’s the coolest person there.  

BEST BASE HIT:  Chipper Jones getting it done in his last All-Star appearance.

BEST GROUND OUT: Jose Altuve in the 8th inning.   I knew an Astros would win an award.  

Kind of a boring game, but still cool to see all those players on one field.  Can't wait till next years All-Star game to see who gets snubbed. 

The second half starts tomorrow.  Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baseball Card Theater - The All-Stars and The Dickey-Cain debate

The 2012 MLB All-Star Game

Baseball Card Theater

I present the latest episode of Baseball Card Theater with All-Stars like Randy Jones, Dave Kingman, Catfish Hunter and Rick Wise.

The R.A.Dickey - Matt Cain debate

National League Manager Tony La Russa picked Matt Cain to start this year's All-Star game.
I love me some Matt Cain.  One of my favorite pitchers with a blistering fastball.  He's 9-3 and pitched a perfect game against my Astros in June.  Matt Cain is a good man.

R.A. Dickey is 12-1, a journeyman who went back to the minors to work on a knuckle ball and against all odds made it back to the big leagues.   Mr. Dickey is having an incredible year.  Not only that, he represents the every man who sits in the bleachers or upper deck, as opposed to the Fat Cats behind home plate.

Seemed like an easy choice, no disrespect to Mr. Cain.

But what about the catcher unprepared to catch a knuckle ball , or home field advantage in the World Series, or Cain's perfect game.

Give it a rest.  R.A. Dickey has captured the attention of baseball fans all around the country and helped give the Mets a fighting chance at the playoffs.  Oh yeah, if that's not enough, he's the best pitcher in baseball right now. 

Here's what Matt Cain had to say about R.A. Dickey starting the game.
"I was actually thinking that it might be a little bit of help if R.A were able to start it, because maybe Buster would be able to catch him today and then catch him warming up or something like that -- maybe a little bit of help doing it that way," Cain said. "But I found out yesterday when I was getting over to the hotel, and was just extremely excited about the whole thing and just started to think about what their lineup was going to be."
Like I said earlier, Matt Cain is a good man.  And I'm jazzed to watch him pitch tonight.

Manager Tony La Russa said he lives in the Bay Area and watches Matt Cain a lot and has watched him mature or some crap like that.  So there you have it.

It all boils down to some squirrel who's in charge playing favorites.  Just like in real life.

  National League All-Star Manager Tony La Russa

Prediction for tonight's game:  David Ortiz hits for the cycle.

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Rules of The Home Run Derby

1975 National League All Stars

The Mid-Summer Classic

The All-Star game is upon us, but first a little home run derby.

New Rules of Home Run Derby

  • 1 round - most homers win
  • 20 contestants - 10 from each league
  • A pitching machine will groove 100 mph fastball down the center of the plate
  • Players can use aluminum bats. 
That would be a home run derby worth watching.  I'd record that.  Instead I will watch the recap of the home run derby on Sportscenter or QuickPitch and it will still be too long. 

The powers that be are going to drag out the home run derby and even installed some fake drama because they're competing as a team representing their league.  Since the Astros are getting date-raped and forced into the American League next year I didn't need any extra drama, but I guess America did.

If you plan on watching the home run derby, get ready to see more shots of players off to the side over reacting while holding an I-phone and filming it, then of actual home runs.  Boring. 

Give me the ding of an aluminum bat swung by Prince Fielder any day of the week.   That's something fans never get to see.   Much different then trying to make batting practice a "must see" event.

Attention Television Producers: 


The only other time I've seen anything similar was in high school during a Donkey Basketball game.  It actually worked in the school gym.  But, you can't use the intimate medium of television and conduct an interview in front of an audience of 55,000. It doesn't work.  Please stop doing it.  I beseech you.


When you're on location, stop letting local yahoos stand behind your Sports desk screaming.  It's never worked.  Why let a bunch of drunks ruin your broadcast as well as my viewing experience at home?  Local yahoos cheering when they see themselves on the magic box has never helped, ever.

Attention Kansas City Yahoos: 

Go to the game, get drunk, stand behind a show doing a live broadcast, slip through the barricade, jump on stage and get an announcer in a headlock during the show.  You will be an overnight internet sensation.  You'll probably get on Conan or Jimmy Kimmel.  Plus, this might be the only thing that will stop ESPN and everyone else from letting bone-heads cheer in the background behind a Sports Desk.


Go blow yourself.  Small market teams have enough of a struggle keeping up with the free spending clubs, now you want to shut them out of their one shot on the main stage.  I know I said it earlier, but seriously, go blow yourself.  When I was a kid, there was nothing cooler than seeing your teams uniform in the All Star line up.  In 1975, Bob Watson was the only representative of the Astros.  Don't even remember the game, but I remember Bob Watson getting introduced.  It was super cool.

That said, I look forward to tomorrow's game.  Always love watching the All-Star game.  Justin Verlander is starting for the American League.  Matt Cain for the National League.  I love the fastball.  And the Astros Jose Altuve will be there.  So will Chipper Jones and Bryce Harper.  Imagine that. 

Tomorrow: An All Star edition of Baseball Card Theater.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Baseball Card Friday: The Denis Menke Story 1970

Baseball Card Friday

The Denis Menke Story;  Booklet No. 16

This is a cool booklet that came in cards in 1970.  There were 24 of them all together and this is my favorite because it's an Astro.  But not just any Astro, my Astro Buddy, Denis Menke.  When I was 7, I joined the Houston Astros Buddies kid club and I chose Denis Menke as my favorite player.  He played shortstop and I played shortstop.  Honus Wagner played shortstop, too.

The following 6 page story is a riveting tale of the true life adventures of Denis Menke.  I never knew my Astro Buddy and I had so much in common.

 That's so crazy.  When I play basketball I always think to myself, "This is fun."  Denis Menke is a music fan and I'm a music fan too.  

I have no idea what "Hope they save me a lick" means or why the gloves are laid out like that and in the picture Denis is scratching his head so he doesn't have any idea what this means either.  We're like twins.  

I can not believe how much we are alike.  He once had to ride a bus to Houston, I did too.  He was smart to bring his bat because when I rode the bus, this smelly guy took pickles off his burger and threw them at me.  If I would have had a baseball bat like my Astro Buddy, I would have beat that dirty hippy's brains in. 

Here's the back cover with a list of the other booklets.  I think I had the Bill Freehan and Reggie Jackson booklets as a kid too.   I remember being thrilled by these as a kid.  I still think it's super cool.

The story is perfect for a kid,  "I'm rich!  I'm rich!" is funny.  The art is kick ass and has humor to it.  That he's at a club in his baseball uniform, the free pass to first, very clever.  Best of all, it's about my main man Denis Menke.

And I declare today...        DENIS MENKE DAY

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

All Star Manager Tony La Russa Holds A Grudge

Tony La Russa would never hold a grudge against a puppy

Red's manager Dusty Baker accused Tony La Russa of snubbing Brandon Phillips and Johnny Cueto for the All Star team because of an altercation the two had with the St. Louis Cardinals in the past.

Mr. Cueto is 9-4 with a 2.23 ERA

Johnny Cueto stated of the snub...
"I see that I have great numbers.  I thought the way I pitched this year, I'd have a chance to go to the All-Star Game. I don't know what happened. I don't if know the manager of All-Star Game is pissed at me because I went out with one of his girlfriends."

I'm not a big fan of Tony La Russa, he was the manager of the steroid era, yet he's seemed to come out of it without so much as a blemish.  If the baseball-asswipe refuse to vote for players with links to PED's, then they shouldn't vote for Mr. La Russa when he becomes eligible. 

Mr. La Russa oversaw 2 different teams with numerous admitted steroid users. He's been in baseball long enough to know that something wasn't right. Maybe he's like Rain man and instead of math skills, he only knows how to manage baseball and doesn't notice guys putting on 35 pounds of muscle in 4 months.

Anyway, I don't dig Mr. La Russa.  Now, back to the question?

Did he hold a grudge against Mr. Cueto to keep him off the All-Star team?

There is no way of telling.

I know one thing, I would have held a grudge against Johnny Cueto.  During a bench clearing brawl,
Mr. Cueto acted like an asshole, sitting on the rail, kicking like a girl and he ended up injury Jason La Rue.  The concussion that Mr. La Rue sustained in the brawl would ultimately cost him the remainder of his baseball career.  So as for Mr. Cueto,  F*## that guy.

Mr. Cueto would have to go 12-0 and throw 2 no-hitters for me to let him on my All-Star team, even then I wouldn't start him.  If I used him, it would be for a righty versus righty situation and then I'd pull him.

That said they're were plenty of qualified National League pitchers this year so Mr. La Russa didn't even have to play the grudge card.  Now Coach La Russa mouthed off trying to defend himself against Red's manager Dusty Baker...
"If Dusty had been more interested in Cueto being on the team, then he wouldn't be pitching him on Sunday. Cueto probably would be on the team if he wasn't pitching Sunday."      Tony La Russa

 Now Mr. Cueto's agent is suggesting he might file a grievances with baseball because under the new collective bargaining agreement, all pitchers are available to pitch in the All-Star game, but if you throw on Sunday you can only pitch one inning.

So Mr. La Russa had to back peddle and release another statement saying he never said that was the sole reason Mr. Cueto wasn't on the team. 

Now that Mr. La Russa is retired,  it must be fun to come back and manage a game.
Have a great time, Tony!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Astros Trade Carlos Lee to the Marlins

Carlos Lee is now a Miami Marlin

He's use to wearing ugly uniforms so Carlos Lee should fit in comfortably in Miami.

I remember in one of his first at bats as an Astros, Lance Berkman was on first and Carlos Lee hit a double and Lance advanced to third base.   Carlos Lee started looking at Berkman like "You didn't score on that?"  and Berkman started laughing.  I've been a big fan of him ever since and he looks like a good teammate.

Carlos Lee was traded for a couple of Marlin prospects; third baseman Matt Dominguez and pitcher Rob Rasmussen.  Don't know anything about either guy except they both have great baseball last names. 
Dominguez with a walk off home run.  OR   That's 14 K's for Rasmussen
El Caballo has left Minute Maid Park.  I hope he wins with the Marlins. 

And if you didn't catch it yesterday.  Here's a Baseball Card Theater dedicated to TRADED cards.

Happy 4th of July.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cole Hamels Traded

Cole Hamels

An inside source in the Philadelphia clubhouse told me the Phillies are trading Cole Hamels to the Expos.   Actually, even when they were a team, you didn't get 'Traded" to Montreal, you got sent there.  Mr. Hamels is on the trading block but no word where's he's headed.  But today is Tuesday, which is Baseball Card Theater day.

Baseball Card Theater - TRADED

Trades have started to happen...  Jim Thome goes to Baltimore, and the big left-hander reminds me of my hero Boog Powell who was number 26.

And trades have started to not happen...  Carlos Lee refuses a trade to the Dodgers. 
So on today's Baseball Card Theater we look at the TRADED cards of Reggie Cleveland, Fergie Jenkins, Lou Piniella, Kurt Bevacqua to name a few.

Have a great Tuesday and go the extra mile.

Monday, July 2, 2012

All Star: Chipper Jones or Bryce Harper?

In this corner we have the old man    CHIPPER JONES

in the other corner, the new kid in town


Brilliant Promotion for this years All-Star Game 

The scrappy kid vs the crusty veteran

If this is any thing but a publicity grab I'll eat my hat.  This is a brilliant way to get some attention for  the game and I predict a last minute injury scratch and both of these gentlemen will be invited to the All-Star game. 

But then again, Baseball has made dumb decisions before.  

Nope.  Not falling for it.  There's more money in it if they both get to go.  Baseball always goes with the money.  This is all in an effort to get buzz.  Little bit of controversy to get people talking about the game.    Should the fans reward the exciting young upstart and tell the veteran his time has passed or should we honor a man's service to the game, the kid will have his time soon enough.  It makes good copy.   I almost bought into it.  You guys did a great job promoting the MLB All-Star game next Tuesday July 10th.

But okay, let's say, and I know it's not going to happen, but in the rare case one of these player gets left out in the cold, I applaud baseball's stupidity in shooting itself in it's own foot.  Which brings up questions.  
  • Why can't they both go?   All the hotel rooms are booked?  
  • Can't one of the guys be the DH for the National League 
  • What's one more guy if he's a player who has the fans attention because this is his victory lap or he could be the next big thing?   
  • How about adding an honorary captain?

Oh wait a minute...  I can't believe I got caught up in the hype.  Both Chipper Jones and Bryce Harper will be in Kansas City.  This is the only sport where people still watch the All-Star game.  There's no way Bud Selig would make a bonehead decision that would hurt the All-Star game.


 Go National League.  The Astros want home field advantage for the World Series.