Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lou Piniella

Was watching Yankees - Pirates last night and Lou Piniella was sitting in with the Yankee announcers.  Piniella was so great and dead on with everything he said.  Russell Martin was on second and there was a ground out to the right side and he didn't advance and Lou starts going, "What's Martin doing still on second base,  if there's a balk or a pass ball he could score."  Sure enough a couple pitches later there's a pass ball and Lou keeps going "he could have scored.  He could have scored."  You could tell it really bothered him.  That guy can coach my team any day of the week.

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  1. This Cubs fan says, you can have him - even this season. Not hating, but he lost that team near the end. But what isn't there to love about Sweet Lou?

    I believe I saw his final ejection as manager at Dodger Stadium. In fact, it wasn't dissimilar to this: there was a crap call at first that allowed a Dodger to make the base which he then argued. The guy ended up scoring, so Piniella came out between innings to continue and got tossed. I was field box literally 20 rows up from first base and only our section saw it, and the crowd went nuts on the announcement. Ahhh, good times.