Friday, April 13, 2012

Baseball Card Friday: Lowell Palmer, Phillies 1970

This was one of my favorite cards as a kid.  My man Lowell was rocking some dark sunglasses and I thought it was cool.  As an adult I look back at this card and still think it's super cool.  I've done numerous paintings based on this card and here are three of them.

 This is Lowell Palmer Gray.
Lowell Palmer Black and White.  And lastly

Lowell Palmer on Fire.

Have a great weekend.  Go Astros.


  1. I've seen Lowell Palmer's lifetime stats. He may have worn the glasses for the same reason Ronnie Milsap wore his.

  2. These are brilliant. Truly inspired. You may want to check out some other guys with shade (though none quite like Lowell's) right here: