Friday, May 18, 2012

Baseball Card Friday : Roberto Clemente Pirates 1972

One of my favorite players in one of the worse cards.  In 1972 they introduced IN ACTION cards, that featured game action shots.

Roberto Clemente's IN ACTION card features one of the best hitters, during an actual game, taking a called third strike.

If you show Kurt Bevacqua striking out looking, it would be hilarious, but Roberto was a three time batting champ.  You should show Roberto gunning a guy down from Right Field.

As game action shots go, Mr. Clemente got boned. 

Tom Seaver got boned that year too.

 What kind of action is going on here?
Is Mr. Seaver lining up a putt?
Is he grimacing in pain because he pulled his groin muscle?
Is he laughing with joy because he pulled an opponent's groin muscle?
Did he just snort the third base line? 
Is he laughing at the '72 Padres line up?
We may never know

Have a good weekend.


  1. Actually, Tom was laughing at the latest "moron" joke. The one about making time fly. Tom had a good sense of humor.
    Mary Willard

  2. Two of my faves. You can find some more winners right here: