Monday, May 21, 2012

What will become of the Silver Boot?

                                                         BEHOLD, THE SILVER BOOT

I hate the geographic-rival interleague games, where the Yankees play the Mets, the Astros play the Rangers and Detroit play Colorado.  What?  And they're forced to play two series so each team can play at their stadium.   That’s just dumb.
I understand you want games between the Dodgers – Angels, Mets-Yankees, etc.  but make it a 2 game series, you switch parks each year.  It would keep it special.
 I never cared for Rangers – Astros  silver boot series.
( Because the game is between  2 Texas teams they use a boot for the trophy, get it?)
But with the Astros getting date-raped and forced into the American League in 2013, I’m curious who are geographic-rival will be? 
Is it going to be the Brewers?  We have a young ball club and that would be a plus for Mr. Selig’s former ball club.  He can always change the rule when the Astros are good again.  Heck, it's logical.  That the closest place Mr. Selig found for the Astros “home games” when they were displaced by a hurricane. 
But more importantly, what will happen to the Silver Boot?  Does the winner get to keep it forever?  If they Rangers win will they melt it down and use the money to go buy coke?  Will they just ship the Silver Boot directly to Cooperstown?
Actual there’s a Texas Sports Hall of Fame in Waco, I bet they would love to display the Silver Boot there…  that is if you’re willing to make a large tax deductible contribution to the museum.  Sure, they’ll put your stupid boot in there.

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