Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can You Get A New Team?

The Astros from the early 1970's

Is it Possible to get a New Team?

If there’s a time for me to get off the Astros train it would be this year.  They just lost their 100th game and they’re moving to the American League.  I grew up in the N.L. and I think I can quit them.  Honestly, I hate the DH and I hear they’re going to change uniform colors.  I think I need a new team in the N.L.

But then that leaves, who is my new team?  I could half-ass it and like the AL Astros in the same way I like the Houston Texans after the Oilers left.  Never did like the Titans. 

Almost all the N.L. teams have some stink on them from my time as an Astros fan.  I like the Dodgers, I go to games out here all the time.  They're going to be good the next couple of years so it would be fun in the short run, but it doesn't feel right to be a Dodger fan.  Especially after Bill Doran got screwed for the All-Star team in 86 by Tommy Lasorda.

Maybe I could be a Pirate or a Reds fan.  They were good in the 70's and those are my first memories of baseball and I love Roberto Clemente and Johnny Bench, Pete Rose and Joe Morgan.

Maybe I could be a Washington Nationals fan.  The Expos were crummy and I never had a problem with them and it looks like the Nationals might be good for a while.  I like Bryce Harper's attitude, Strasburg and Gio Gonzales.   

Or if they ruined all of baseball and make both leagues have the DH I could still be a die hard Astros fan.  

Who am I kidding, I'll probably bite the pillow and follow the Astros as they are jammed into the American League.

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