Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Autumn Wind is Like A Pirate

The Autumn Wind is Like a Pirate

I will paraphrase John Facenda, the voice of NFL Films and the poem The Autumn Wind Is Like A Pirate,

The Autumn Wind is a Pirate.
Blustering out to Sea.
They're starting to Implode, Under the Load
And will watch the playoffs on TV

I wish it wasn't true but it looks like the Pirates are just drifting out to sea.  I picked them to go to the playoffs and now they're making me look like an A-hole.  Thanks a lot, Pittsburgh.  In the future, know that I don't need help looking like an A-hole.  I really was hoping they could make it to the post season but it doesn't look good.  To give you how bad the situation has gotten in the last 10 games they have a 2-8 record.  The Astros are 5-5 for their last 10.

 Come on, Pirates.  Get it together!  You're 2 and half games back.  You can do this. 

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