Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who wants to go to the Post Season?

Stomper the A's mascot

Who wants to go to the post season?

Well, it looks like the Baltimore Orioles, Oakland A's, New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves.  These teams have been playing good ball and making things happen to get victories.  I love how these guys are finding ways to win.

Texas Rangers, Washington Nationals and the Reds are playing good to and seem ready for the play-offs.

White Sox continues to grind it out.  They aren't doing anything spectacular, they're just keeping steady as Detroit implodes.

Looks like St. Louis are willing to go if no one else wants it.

Who wants to relax in October after a long season?

The Pittsburgh Pirates quit in late July last year, and in late August this season.  If the trend continues they will be in the playoffs in 2014 and lose in the first round.  My heart wanted them to do it this year but it ain't going to happen.

Detroit Tigers seem like they need a break and it looks like they're going to get one.  Look like Scherzer might have a dead arm.  This is another team I wanted to make it so I could see Verlander and Cabrera in playoff situation.

Who waited to long to make post season reservations?

Los Angeles waited to long.  Both the Angels and the Dodgers.  Too few games and it will take a miracle to make it.  Both teams spent a ton of dough and thought the playoffs were a no-brainer.   Both teams and should be in the playoffs in 2014.  But then again, I thought that this year.

The Brewers - They are red hot and I would love to see them get one game away and then crumble the last weekend.  Hate the Brewers because of Bud Selig and those asswipes should be moving to the American League.

Phillies and Diamondbacks should have started this push earlier.  And Philly lost 3 of 4 to the Astros.  You almost have to put them in the 'want to relax" category.

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