Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Yankees are Done

The Yankees are Done

They had a 10 game lead in June and now they're tied with the Baltimore Orioles for first.  
The Yankees are done... messing around.  C'mon, we're talking the New York Yankees.  They've lost a couple key guys and continue to move forward.  I guarantee the veterans will put it together and make the playoffs.  Derek Jeter can will them there.  Take all the money you have on you and drive to the nearest Indian Casino and lay it all on the Yankees getting into the playoffs.  (You should call ahead and make sure they have a Sportsbook.)

Now who else is going...

Which Pony Do You Put Your Money On?

It's the beginning of Sept and time to figure out who has enough to get into the post season.
Let's take a look at the standings.

The leader in the West is the Texas Rangers with a 4 game lead over Oakland, in the Central the White Sox have a one game lead over the Tigers.   In the American League East there's a tie between the Orioles and the Yankees with Tampa Bay Rays just a game and a half back.

If the season ended today Oakland and either Baltimore or New York have the wild card spot as of Sept. 5.    Detroit, Tampa and the Angels are all within 2 games of the Wild Card spot.

But the season doesn't end for another month.  So who beside the Yankees are going to the post season.

The West


Yes they're going.  Going all the way this year.  For their sake I hope so, I think this is there last shot before the Angels have there 4 year run at the top.


I want to say yes.  They're a scrappy team and everything seems to be clicking for them.  They have a magic about them that can get them to the post season.  But I don't bet on magic.  They ain't going.


 I want to say no.  But Kendra Morales is on fire, Albert Pulous is being Albert Pulous again, you got Trumbo with his big bat.  When Tori Hunter and Veron Wells are your weak outfielders, you're doing great.  And finally we get to Mike Trout.  Man, that guy is good.  He can do anything and with this line up and only 2 games back you have to think they'll make the playoffs.  You have to think that, I don't, because they ain't going.

The Central


Only one team is going from the Central and I have to say it's the Tigers.  They have the best hitter in Miguel Cabrera and best pitcher in Justin Verlander.  But I got to be honest, my gut is telling me the White Sox are going to pull it off.  Love me some Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko but Chris Sale and the rest of the pitching kind of makes my stomach hurt.  My head tells me the Tigers so I'll go with them, but my gut says don't bet against the White Sox.

The East


The Rays have an amazing pitching staff and an extra spark since the return of Evan Longoria.  But the Orioles have a red-hot Mark Reynolds and mean ol' Buck Showalter.  If you play for the O's, I bet you're always on your toes because you don't want the old guy harping at you.  Buck Showalter will make it happen and Baltimore will be back in the playoffs for the first time in 39 years.  I don't know how long it's been, but it's been awhile.

There you have my pics.  Tomorrow I look at the NL wild card race.   So withdrawl a bunch of money for your return trip to the River Boat casino.

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