Monday, April 23, 2012

The Ghost of Babe Ruth

I stayed in a hotel this weekend and I was getting ready for bed when I felt a presence in the room.  I looked up and there stood the ghost of Babe Ruth.   Mr. Ruth was dressed in his Yankee uniform, he smiled and began to speak.
             “Kid, I didn’t need performing enhancing drugs to help me hit home runs.  You make sure the people know that.”
            “Everybody knows that Babe.”
            “I also didn’t need any Viagra to help me slip the hot dog to a pretty girl either.”
            “You make sure everybody knows that too.  Can you do that for me, kid?”
            “I guess.”
And just like that, the Sultan of Swing turns around, pees in the corner, then vanishes.
The next morning I woke up hungover and thought it was just a dream but then I noticed the mini bar was completely empty.  I jumped up and checked and sure enough, someone peed in the corner.
That’s when I knew;  It really was the ghost of Babe Ruth. 

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