Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Babe Ruth

The Babe Calling the Shot

No, not George Herman Ruth, I'm talking about John Goodman.  Babe Ruth got tossed into an orphanage when he was a kid so I bet we don't even know his real birthday.   It's Mr. John Goodman's birthday and he will always be Babe Ruth to me. ( Actually John Candy from an SCTV sketch will always be Babe Ruth to me, but it's not his birthday.) 

Happy Birthday John Goodman!!!

Other June 20th Baseball birthday.  

Andy Etchebarren

All I remember about Andy Etchebarren is he was a catcher for the Baltimore Orioles in the late 60's and early 70’s and he was a hairy guy.  Check out those eyebrows and forearms.

 Andy made 2 All-Star teams and won 2 World Series rings.

Dickie Thon

Dickie Thon was going to help bring a World Series to Houston.  The Astros have always been a shortstop away.  Mr. Thon was the first shortstop since Dennis Menke to have a bat as well as a glove.  Sadly, Dickie Thon was hit in the face with a pitch in April of 1984.  

Mr. Thon suffered broken bones in his face and was never the same at the plate.
The pitch was thrown by Mike Torrez, the same guy who gave up the home run to Bucky Dent in Fenway.   I hope Mr. Torrez is more ashamed of ruining a man's baseball career as opposed to making a player's career. 
ANYWAY..  back to the point.

Happy Birthday Andy, Dickie and the Babe.

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