Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baseball Card Theater - Special Guest Fred Willard

Comic Genius/ Baseball Fan Fred Willard

Baseball Card Theater - Thoughts of a Photographer - FRED WILLARD

Special guest star Fred Willard makes an appearance in Thoughts of a photographer.  Mr. Willard loves baseball and we've been to a bunch of games together.  In the picture below he's throwing out the first pitch at an Orange County Flyers game.

He was clocked at 104 mph.  I used hi-speed film and it still came out blurry.
Fred Willard giving Hall of Famer Gary Carter an autograph

Anyway, I recorded Mr. Willard doing a new Thoughts of a Photographer but haven't got a chance to film it.  But for now, Thoughts of a Photographer # 1.

Have a great Tuesday and count your blessings.


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