Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Bye Bobby Valentine


Today we check out a man who is recently lost his job as the Manager of the Boston Red Sox.
I heard Elton John is redoing a version of Candle in the Wind, here's a sample.

Goodbye Bobby V.
You managed the Bo Sox
Like a squirrel in the Wind
Let's talk about the card first.  Love the 1976 design, the little cartoon player at the bottom going back for a fly ball is kind of fun.  That looks like it was taken in San Diego and Mr. Valentine is standing in the circle shot putters use during the Olympics.

Now about Mr. Valentine getting fired.  He was put in a near impossible situation and didn't help matters by behaving like a squirrel.

Here's some advice for Mr. Valentine for the future...

1. Don't trash your star veteran players, especially during the first month of being there.

2. Don't go back to the announcing booth.  You're a better manager than a commentator, and lets be honest, you're not that great at managing.   

3. Next time you get fired, don't hold your press conference wearing a bike helmet.

Enjoy the one game Wild Card playoffs today. 

Baltimore at Texas.  - Would love to see the O's win.

St. Louis at Braves. - Chipper gets it down and helps the Braves to win.

Have a great weekend of post-season baseball.

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