Friday, October 12, 2012

Playoffs Continue While I'm at Work


The playoffs continue while I enjoy the merits of a hard days work far from modern technology.

Giants came back from 2 games down to beat the Reds.  My boss is a Giants fan so that should make my life a little better.

The Washington Nationals tied up the series with St. Louis thanks to a walk off home run by Nationals right fielder Jason Werth.  Let's go Nats!!!  Until you play my boss's team, then I can't openly root for you.  But for now  LET'S GO NATIONALS!!!

The O's beat the Yankees to keep the dream alive.  Love me some Buck Showalter and the O's were great when I was a little kid and I'm pretty sure that was the last time they were good.  Would love to see the O's play Oakland.

But wait...  Oakland ran into the nightmare that is Justin Verlander in Game 5 and lost to the Tigers.  Turns out magic isn't enough against Mr. Verlander when he's on his game, which is most of the time.

So the Tigers and the Giants wait till tomorrow to see who they play.  I guess it's already today.

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