Monday, October 8, 2012

New Play-Off Set Up???



Just finished watching Baltimore beat the Yankees and tie the series at 1-1.    The other match ups.  The Washington Nationals are tied 1-1 with the Cardinals.  Detroit is up 2-0 over Oakland.  The Reds are up 2-0 over the Giants.

One Game Wild Card - 

Kind of a bummer.  Also hated people saying "it's like game 7".  No it's not, you didn't just split 6 games with another team.  It's a 1 game playoff, which you do if you tie, not if you win something.

Home Field Advantage -

Congratulations!!!  You've won home field advantage so pack your bags because you're playing the first two games on the road, then play three at home...   WHAT?  That's madness.  You can't do that.   That doesn't feel like home field advantage to me.  

So if you have the best record in baseball you start a 5 game series with 2 games on the road?   This is the most asinine thing I've heard since some asswipe decided to make the All Star game count for home field advantage in the World Series.  

I'm surprised I haven't heard anyone complaining about it. 

So far I'm digging the playoffs.

Also, I don't know if you heard but Cougar Town is moving to TBS with all new episodes. 

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