Friday, July 27, 2012

Baseball Card Friday: Wade Blasingame

Baseball Card Friday


Not the Attorney at Law, the baseball player.

Loved this card as a kid.  He's got a great name, he's a southpaw, he's got sideburns, he's standing next to an airplane hanger and best of all he plays for the Astros.  Wade Blasingame was a pitcher for the Braves, Astros and Yankees.  Mr. Blasingame is mentioned in Jim Bouton's book Ball Four as the best dressed guy on the Astros in 1969.
 I love the 1971 cards because you got a bonus picture on the back.  Since they only showed you the previous year and life time stats it's one of the few cards that I can still read the back of without my cheaters. 

When I was at SNL I always used baseball players names in sketches.  I wrote a commercial parody called Wade Blasingame where Will Ferrell plays an attorney.

The week after it aired Wade Blasingame called the show and invited me up to his place in Fresno to go fishing.  We hung out and he told me stories about his playing days.  Actually, I never heard from him, but it would have been cool to go fishing with Wade Blasingame, the ball player.   

Have a good weekend.

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  1. This is one of the greatest baseball cards ever. The lambchop sideburns. The "pretend you just let go of the pitch" look with the glove up to defend himself. Clearly not on a pitching mound. In the background....what, an airplane hangar?? I mean, c'mon, the best year for cards (because it was so hard to keep 'em in mint condition due to the black border) and the best pitching stance with total 70's look in front of an airplane hangar in the classic Houston Astros uniform. LOVE THIS!!!