Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bryce Harper, The Bat and Ozzie Guillen

Miami Manager Ozzie Guillen

Bryce Harper Sends Ozzie an Autographed Bat

A bat covered in pine tar and signed "To my hero, Ozzie, Love Ya, Bryce Harper", was mailed to Ozzie Guillen, 2 days after a brush up between the 2 gentlemen.

Bryce Harper's an idiot to send Ozzie a signed bat, so I was happy to find out he didn't.

Adam La Roche asked Bryce Harper to sign a bat, then added the inscription to Ozzie.   Good old fashioned ball busting.  Ozzie got a big kick out of it.
"It was funny.  I've got a few friends on their side.  All those guys were making fun of me.  I found out later they made the kid sign the bat.  They put the rest."
This bat incident is the gift that keeps giving.

Also realized another layer to the onion between Miami and Washington.  Ozzie was making a big deal about pine tar on the bat to stick it to Washington's Manager Dave Johnson for being a squirrel and making the umpire check Tampa's reliever's glove for pine tar.  It was a low rent move on Mr. Johnson's part so Ozzie was busting Davey's balls too. 

Hot damn, I love baseball.

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