Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cole Hamels Traded

Cole Hamels

An inside source in the Philadelphia clubhouse told me the Phillies are trading Cole Hamels to the Expos.   Actually, even when they were a team, you didn't get 'Traded" to Montreal, you got sent there.  Mr. Hamels is on the trading block but no word where's he's headed.  But today is Tuesday, which is Baseball Card Theater day.

Baseball Card Theater - TRADED

Trades have started to happen...  Jim Thome goes to Baltimore, and the big left-hander reminds me of my hero Boog Powell who was number 26.

And trades have started to not happen...  Carlos Lee refuses a trade to the Dodgers. 
So on today's Baseball Card Theater we look at the TRADED cards of Reggie Cleveland, Fergie Jenkins, Lou Piniella, Kurt Bevacqua to name a few.

Have a great Tuesday and go the extra mile.

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