Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mark Appel - Draft Dodger

Stanford Pitching Phenom Mark Appel

Draft Dodger?

Mark Appel was the only unsigned player among the 31 first-round picks in this year's MLB draft.  There's a whole bunch of new rules because of the collective bargaining agreement and there's a limit on how much you can pay a 1st round draft choice.  There is a luxury tax and the Pirates offered 3.8 million dollars, which is over the limit, but as much as they could without having to give up draft picks.

Pirates general manager Neal Huntington said:

We drafted Mark Appel to sign Mark Appel.  We were excited about the opportunity to add him to a plethora of quality, young arms.  It didn't happen,  So now we turn the corner.  This, too, shall pass.  We move forward."
The Pirates will get an extra first-round pick in next June's draft because Mr. Appel didn't sign.

Here's what Mr. Appel had to say:
After much thought, prayer and analysis of both opportunities, I came to the conclusion the best decision is to remain at Stanford continuing my studies, finishing my degree and doing all I can to assist the Cardinal baseball team in our goal to win a national championship.  I greatly valued the prospect of a professional opportunity and I will pursue a professional baseball career after getting my Stanford degree.
Yep, sounds exactly like most 20 year-old guy's talk.  You can't argue with a guy who speaks from the heart like Mr. Appeal did.  Heck, he even prayed about it.  Can't ask more than that.  I wonder who represented this young man in his negotiations...

I just looked it up, you're not going to believe this, but some guy name Scott Boras is his agent.  Hmm...   If I didn't read your off the cuff remarks Mr. Appel, I might think you had no intention of signing this year unless a ball club made a ridiculous and self-destructive offer.  But again, you prayed about it, so I guess you were listening to a higher power.  That's who told you not to sign.  Hmm...

I don't wish bad on anyone, and I might be paraphrasing here, but there's an old saying:  "If you lay down with turds, you're gonna get covered in shit."  Good luck, Mr. Appel.

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