Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bryce Harper Hits 2 Home Runs then gets tossed

Washington National's Outfielder Bryce Harper

The Rookie Throws His Helmet

Rookie outfielder Bryce Harper had a big game last night.  The first multi-homer game of his career and his first ejection.

Why Bryce Harper Got Tossed

Mr. Harper was trying to avoid hitting to a double-play but the throw beat him by a full step.  It wasn't even close, and Bryce Harper threw his helmet down in frustration over his failure and not the call.  Throwing equipment usually ends up in a fine, but the umpire tossed him out of the game.

The Nationals are in first and fighting to stay that way and Mr. Harper was disappointed in his performance and got a raw deal.  I'm not sure why the umpire ejected him but if your known as an aggressive player people tend to over analyze your actions and keep you on a tighter leash.   But he still shouldn't have got tossed.  Here's what Bryce Harper had to say after the game.

''I shouldn't have done it, but I don't like hitting into double plays, 'I just need to stop getting mad and live with it. I just need to grow up in that mentality a little bit and try not to bash stuff in. I've always done it my whole life. Things need to change."

That said, he still hit 2 home runs in a game.  That's kind of hard.   And he's only 19.  Give him a chance to grow up.  I was a punk when I was 19.

 Bottom Line:

 I like Bryce Harper and think he's good for baseball.  He's no Mike Trout, but then again, who is.   

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