Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Skip Bayless is a Turd

Reporter Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless Questions Whether Derek Jeter is using PEDs

Skip Bayless is a reporter who missed out on a character building beating as a child.  Yesterday on TV he questioned how a 38 year old Derek Jeter is having a great season.

"I am not saying he uses a thing, I have no idea. But within the confines of his sport, it is fair for all of us, in fact you are remiss, if you don't at least think about this."                                                                                      SKIP BAYLESS

Well, using that logic, I have to at least think about Skip Bayless' life.

Skip Bayless is a 60 year-old bachelor.  

Within the confines of the internet, it is fair for all of us to think that his computer is full of pornography, most likely child pornography.  I have no idea, but it's also fair for all of us to think a 60 year old bachelor might hang out in truck stop bathrooms for anonymous sex.

Skip Bayless isn't well-liked as a reporter

It's fair to think that Skip Bayless, an annoying ass, gets job after job because he has relatives in high places or he has blackmail information on his employers or has made threats against their family.  Or of course, as a 60 year old bachelor, he might be trading sexual favors for his job.

Skip Bayless was born in Oklahoma City, 

You have to consider that a relative of Mr. Bayless could have been involved in the bombing of the Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City.  You are remiss if you don't.

Derek Jeter didn't use Skip Bayless logic and took the high road when he heard about Skip Bayless' statement.

That's the unfortunate thing these days.  Anytime you bring this to light with guys that are doing things now, you have everybody questioning everything.  You can say whatever you want to say these days.  No repercussions."  DEREK JETER

I would have been angry if a suspected child pornographer and truck stop cum dumpster, who had ties to terrorist organizations, talked trash about me.   Especially knowing I could easily beat the shit of that loud mouth.    I guess Mr. Jeter is a better man than me.  That's why he's the captain. 
Have a great day!  Go the extra mile.

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