Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bartolo Colon Test Positive for PEDs

Bartolo Colon Test Positive for Drugs

Bartolo Colon Gets 50 Game Suspension

My man Bartolo Colon of Oakland tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone, the second player in 8 days to be suspended for cheating.  Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants was suspended earlier.  Seems like that Congressional Hearing and all the perjury trials have cleared up the performance enhancing drug problem in the Bay Area. Way to go Major League Baseball and the U.S. Congress.  Mission Accomplished.  Come on out of the dugout for a curtain call

Now lets get to Bartolo Colon.  That guy is on steroids?   They should have given him a pregnancy test.  That blows yesterdays Baseball Card Theater on the Non-Steroid team.  Mr. Colon is a big fat guy.  Elevated levels of cholesterol, yes, but testosterone?  They shoot cattle with steroids right.  Bartolo Colon should tell people he ate a whole cow that was on steroids and that's why he tested positive.   The only other excuse I have to justify elevated testosterone I don't think Mr. Colon would want to use.  Especially with that last name.

Just goes to show you, you can never tell who's on the juice.

Do you think they even test the Astros for PEDs?  

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