Friday, August 24, 2012

Baseball Card Friday: Jim Lemon and Ted Williams 1969


Baseball Card Friday: Jim Lemon and Ted Williams : Senators Manager

Teams only have one manager, but in 1969 Topps they have 2 cards for the skipper of the Washington Senators.  First up, Jim Lemon.  A former outfielder for the Senators, Mr. Lemon was the manager in 1968 for the Senators, but guess what happened?

I love the back of his card.  First the exclamation point after the fun fact of him getting fired is funny and then check out the little cartoon drawing.

Mr. Lemon is carrying a suitcase and has sweat popping off of him like a R. Crumb drawing.  Can't get much better that that.

The other card features baseball hitting legend and war hero Ted Williams.  Ted doesn't look to happy in his picture.  It's like someone told him about the Jim Lemon card.
And on the back of Ted's card...
He looks even more pissed off about this two manager bit.  Or maybe he's still mad that he batted .406 in 1941 and they gave the American League MVP award that year to Joe Dimagio who batted .357, with 7 less homeruns and only 5 more RBI then Ted Williams.

Both of these cards are feature in an old Baseball Card Theater about 1969, if you have a free minute it's worth seeing or revisiting.

Have a good weekend and proclaim your rarity!

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