Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Astos Surrender

Here come the Astros

The Astros Surrender

The Astros are 3 - 28 in their last 31 Games.  I don't like to kick a dog when it's down, but I'm kicking it to see if it's still alive.

Again, I've read the news release we are rebuilding.  I understand we are rebuilding but could you be more specific.  What are we rebuilding?

That means getting rid of veterans like Carlos Lee and Wandy Rodriquez. 

Now why did we trade away Chris Johnson?  He was just coming into his own.  His second year and he's just starting to get comfortable and we sent him to Arizona.   I'm happy for Mr. Johnson, he's playing for a winner in manager Kirk Gibson and I expect him to go on and be an All-Star in three years time.  Isn't that the year I heard we were going to be competitive?

They've gutted the team and got rid of over half of their opening day payroll. 

Man,  Jim Crane payed over $600 million to buy the Astros.  Looks like he got himself a lemon.

Here's how you take lemons and make Lemon Coconut Thai-Inspired Pasta.

You guys are going to lose more than a 100 games and it looks like the players are happily going along for the ride.  But what about the fans?

Let us board the runaway train to a new franchise losing record and put some money in your pocket.

FAN GETS TO PINCH RUN - Each home game a lucky ticket holder will be chosen to pinch run if an Astro player gets on base after the 6th inning.

WHITE FLAG GIVEAWAY - Each fan is given a white flag and when a game last over 2 hours, if all 3,000 fans wave the flags at the same time, the game is called and the fans are free to go.

$15,000 PINCH HITTER GIVEAWAY - Any fan with 15 grand can pinch hit during any road game.  We lose all the road games anyway, but it would be cool to see someone at bat besides Jose Altuve who approaches the chance to hit like it was his last.    Since I came up with the idea I don't have to pay the 15 grand.

3-28.  How can you lose that many games?  Are they really that bad.  The car is sliding off the side of the cliff and the organization doesn't seem bothered by it.  The Astros need to turn into the slide and let the fans join in with the fun they are having, because when I watch Baseball Tonight, I'm embarrassed, and I'm not even on the team. 

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  1. The white flag idea is definitely a new version of the rally towel that would be fitting for Houston at this point.