Monday, August 27, 2012

Roger Clemens Looked Good Saturday Night

Roger Clemens photo by Pat Shannon  

Roger Clemens Looked Good Saturday Night

This is the gayest title I've had for a blog this year but I'm comfortable with that because future hall of famer Roger Clemens through 3 1/3 innings of shut out ball against the mighty Bluefish.

2 of my brothers went to the game and I'm happy to report that my brother Jimbo was the second Shannon ever at Constellation Park. 

Mr. Clemens topped out at 88 mph and that's good enough to pitch in the big leagues, especially if we're talking about the Astros.  Will we see him this year?  I think you can bet money on it.  Especially with the 40 man roster that could include his son.  And it could be the first sellout of the year for Minute Maid Park.  But what about next year.


Don't be surprised if he's player/manager next year for the American League Astros.  That would be a smart move for the Astros as well as Mr. Clemens.  

Pete Rose did it.  Frank Robinson did it.  Why not Roger Clemens?  The Astros are going to suck for another couple years and if you can't compete on the field why not limp through next year with an interesting sideshow.  How cool would it be to see him walk to the mound, pulls the pitcher and then starts throwing warm up pitches?


The Dodger's have new owners and they just made a giant trade to be competitive.  Turns out there's no rule that says you have to destroy a team when you buy it.  Didn't know if you guys knew that?

Root. Root. Root.

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