Monday, August 13, 2012

Stephen Strasburg Inning Count

Mr. Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg had Tommy John surgery last season so the Washington Nationals have put their ace on an inning count, which would shut him down in early September.  That's a big problem since the Nationals have the best record in baseball and are primed to win the National League East.

How the Inning Count Works?

They add up all the innings he pitches and that's equals the inning count.  Still don't know how to figure out slugging percentage, but I figured out inning count.   

What is the Cut Off Inning Number? 

Some have it at 160 inning, some at 180.  So I can't help figure that out.  You hear it's set in stone, then you hear there's wiggle room.  So that's up to Mike Rizzo, the guy who runs the Nationals. 

Now the big question...


I live on the other side of the States so I can't make a judgement, why don't you ask Stephen Strasburg.  If he feels good, let him pitch.  Don't just settle on some random number, talk to the player and take your shot at the playoff. 

If you want to shut Mr. Strasburg down, do it in September and let him throw in the post season.  It would be good to get him playoff experience, that will help in the future, but there's no guarantees for next year.   You have to win when you can.  Which is now!

To quote Bill Hicks.  "There is no tomorrow.  There is only right now!"

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